Counseling & Psychotherapy

I can help you with:
~Feeling depressed or finding it hard to enjoy your life
~Struggling in your relationship or can't find a soulmate or have experienced a recent breakup
~Experiencing a transition due to loss of your job, loss of a loved one, or becoming a parent
~Being overwhelmed by excessive stress or anxiety
~Volatile emotions and feelings 
~Self-esteem issues or feeling that you are not good enough

There are many reasons why you might consider psychotherapy.  In our busy lives we at times forget to take care of ourselves. Things we do begin to lack depth and meaning. Often it takes an event in our outer life, such as a loss, an injury or other impasse that halts our usual way of living, to turn our attention inward. We wonder about the meaning of life and what we are called to do with the time that is given to us.
While I have taken care of individuals with bi-polar, psychotic, mood, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders, I am committed to treat, not a diagnosis, but a unique human being. I believe that symptoms or behaviors that we don’t like in ourselves nonetheless have meaning. Before we dismiss certain behaviors, feelings and fantasies, I will help you understand what they might be trying to tell you about your life and current situation. 

Together we pay close attention to  where in your body you experience a certain feeling? How is a past experience affecting your current sense of who you are today?  How is an injustice in the world around you making you angry, and what should you do about it - change yourself or change the world? Together we seek the answers to those and other questions like it. We listen to the wisdom of the heart. We do not judge behavior, feelings or fantasies. We seek understanding of the inner connections between them. It is this process of puzzling together the pieces that reveals to us the image, that is the person that is uniquely you. As Thomas Moore says: "Care of the soul is a continuous process that concerns itself not so much with "fixing" a central flaw as with attending to the small details of everyday life.”  

Adolescence can be a challenging time. Hormones change the body and emotions. The adolescent becomes a stranger to him or herself. Conflicts with parents increase. The search for autonomy and identity intensifies. Peer pressure becomes hard to manage. Sometimes earlier trauma and experiences of loss resurface. The good news is that adolescence is also a time of neural plasticity, that is, a time when people can significantly alter their neural networks. Due to the late development of the prefrontal cortex, adolescents struggle to consider consequences to their behavior.
As parents we want the best for our children and give them advice so that they don’t repeat our mistakes. Unfortunately, that seldom works, at least not the way we think it should. Adolescents want to be independent, but nevertheless need the support of caring adults when they face problems. As a therapist I will support the adolescent’s development of self-esteem, ability to regulate his or her emotions, and navigate the tension between an authentic identity and peer pressure. I will also help them to reflect more deeply on their relationships with significant people in their lives.